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We provide insurance companies and their teams with the right tools to engage, support and empower their customers during the claim process. ClaimSpace is a software as a service (SaaS) platform that allows insurers to efficiently communicate and foster a closer relationship with their customers. It brings together all parties involved to collaborate throughout the process, and enables better data collection and faster claim resolutions.

Share and collaborate

An intuitive and friendly platform where your team, customers and stakeholders can communicate and collaborate for a seamless claim experience.

Privacy and Security

Our platform is powered by Amazon (AWS) platform, which is used by government agencies and financial institutions to securely store information. AWS allows us to retain data within your geographical area, ensuring that it does not leave your jurisdiction.

Convenient access anywhere

The ClaimSpace platform is accessible from any device, anywhere and at all times. The platform fully supports laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablet devices.

Why does your team need ClaimSpace?

ClaimSpace is the missing tool that your claim assessors have been looking for. With ClaimSpace, your team is now equipped to better support and assist your customers while increasing productivity.

Why does your company need ClaimSpace?

Our platform allows you to outshine your competition, by providing your customers with technology that enables an unmatched and enhanced claim experience. Significantly reduce the costs, delays and complaints associated with the traditional process, while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Why do your customers need ClaimSpace?

ClaimSpace allows customers to visualise and understand the claim process, eliminating misunderstandings and miscommunication. With visibility and transparency, all parties can work collaboratively to help customers in their greatest time of need.

Why does the industry need ClaimSpace?

Insurance companies can resolve the public outcry against the perceived unfairness of the claims process. By changing the way claims are handled, insurance companies can improve customer satisfaction and address regulatory concerns.


Now it is possible to provide a window into the claim process, not only to customers but all parties involved. We can finally bring everyone together and close the communication gap.

Build trusted relationships and engage with your customers. No more phone tagging, time wasted back and forth and efficiency gaps that snowball through the entire claim process. ClaimSpace enables instant, efficient and personalised communication!

Increase Productivity

The intuitive and user-friendly interface means less admin work for assessors and more time to do what they do best - assist and support customers!

All in one place

Manage, map out and customise each claim workflow. Any documentation can be stored on the platform for all stakeholders to access.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Increased transparency and open communications dramatically improves the customer experience and reduces the number of complaints.

Data for Better Decisions

Using machine learning, all information and inputs are analysed to provide insurance companies smarter data-driven decisions.


Create a claim > share > collaborate!

Offer customers visibility and transparency over their claim process. With ClaimSpace you can instantly provide transparency and visibility into a process that is traditionally shrouded in mystery. It is time to finally demystify the claims process and put aside traditional communication forms that have left customers in the dark.

Tracking Status

Check your claim status and most recent activity in real time 24/7, anytime, anywhere.

Automated Notifications

Receive automated SMS and email notifications as your claim progresses.

Direct Communication

No more phone tagging, call centres or time wasted on hold. Communicate directly with your claim assessor.

Document Sharing

Download and upload all claim related information using your preferred device.


Avoid delaying claims by knowing what information is required to progress your claim.

After hours support

Our virtual assistant responds to your questions immediately and provides support anytime.




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